Is Football the Most Popular Game

Is Football the Most Popular Game in the World?

Football(fotballtur) is without argument the most popular sport in the world. The game is played by over 250 million people in more than 200 nations. This sport that makes people fill up stadiums to capacity or stay glued to a television screen for close to two hours has come a long way since the codification of laws for the game in 1863. Before then, football as we know it was in various forms, each with its different rules. The Chinese competitive sport(sportsreiser) called Cuju is said to be the earliest known form of football and was a standardized game between 206 BC and 220 AD. It was the Football Association in England that codified the rules and gave it the unique name Association Football, paving the way for a standardized game now played the world over.

Association Football and its Many Other Names Today

Today the Association Football is a standard game, governed internationally by FIFA dana cup, the world football governing body. It has other names depending on the geographical location, with many English-speaking nations simply calling it football. It is called soccer specifically in the United States and Canada, while in other regions any of the three names is used without specific predominance. Regardless of the name it is given anywhere, the game play remains the same. It is played with a spherical ball of about 69cm in diameter, on a rectangular field that has a goal on each of the shorter ends. The main ‘goal’ of the game is to score goals against the opposing team by getting the ball past the goal in their side of the field.

Modern Football and what it Has Grown Into

Football has grown into a favourite game for many players as well as many fans. Many major tournaments around the world keep people occupied and entertained every year. The world cup, held every four years, is the biggest football tournament in the world. It is watched by billions of people worldwide, most of them supporting their national teams.
There is no doubt that football training(treningsleir) is the most popular sport in the world, both for players and spectators. Even though it has held on to many of its original traditions and rules as earlier codified, in recent years, it has had to succumb to the pressures of adopting new rules. The goal line technology is one such addition that was approved by FIFA in July 2012 after a long opposition.